Monday, June 2, 2014

Birthday Game day

Happy Birthday to John and John!

Nothing Bundt Cake makes delicious, moist cakes.

Finally used up the UV Cake vodka (thanks Ed!) with jello shots.

Fun Game Day!  The epic game of the day-Merchant of Venus
It is so epic that only 15/30 rounds were played.  I only got to play the start of the game, but I love it so!  Who doesn't want to transport immortal grease across the galaxy?

We started the day with a round of Mama Mia-the pizza making game!  This is THE game to take when travelling through Italy.

 Ah, have you played Falling?  The goal is to hit the ground last.  It is not really for everyone, but it goes fast.

Oh!  We rediscovered Galaxy Trucker!  Still working out the house rules on the timer for maximum fun, but building a ship you hope will carry you through pirates and meteors is big fun and fast paced.

Part of the birthday celebration was new games from Game Kastle-yeah!
Also very fast is We Didn't Playtest This.  Definitely most hilarious game of the day.  Vroom Vroom noises and bananas are par for the course.  I'll be interested to see how replayable it is, but at this price it really doesn't matter.

Five Crowns is a nice variation of rummy and it has a solitaire variant.  From the makers of Set which we also played at the end of the night-brain hurts!

 Murder of Crows is quick attack and defend game lightly themed around murder-every story will be different, and slightly silly.  

And the latest puzzle-I love this one so much I probably redo it once a year!  It is the Tiki Room by Shag-such fun art.

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