Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Books I read in 2014

I love the idea of keeping track of what I read, but I  never manage to do it....then I realized-most boring blog post ever!
I'm starting this in April, so I will put down what I can remember of the last few months
by Laura Hillenbrand
-Seabiscuit:  this was amazing, everyone who hated history should try reading well written stories like this

by JK Rowling
-A Casual Vacancy: nice character study
-Cuckoo Calling

-Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan:  more fun than I imagined, part of Silicon Valley Reads

by Sue Grafton, been reading these for years and wasn't sure where I left off, so started back in the middle
-N is for Noose
-O is for Outlaw
-P is for Peril
-Q is for Quarry
-R is for Ricochet
-S is for Silence
-T is for Trespass
-U is for Undertow
- V is for Vengeance

by Jo Nesbo, the Harry Hole character
-The Bat

by Laurie R. King, an extension of Sherlock Holmes universe.
-The Moor

by Justin Cronin
-The Passage (vampires....of a sort)

by Lois Lowry (of The Giver)
-The Willoughbys: reminds me of The Twits or Mathilda

by John Burdett
-Bangkok 8, detective story, but heavy on the people, light on the mystery investigation, entertaining

by Mary Roach
-Packing for Mars:  not as laugh out loud funny as some earlier ones, but great on explaining the science in a fun way.  And everyone has wondered how to go to the bathroom in space!

by Ian McEwan
-Sweet Tooth:  McEwan is an author a lot of folks have read, but this is my first.  Nice story telling, really puts you in the character

by Derek B. Miller
-Norwegian by Night:  almost a mystery/crime, but more of a novel.  About aging and memory and what we do with our time


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