Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kennedy Space Center, the rocket garden

May 2014

Post WDW trip Bunny and I balance it with SPACE!

The first thing to do is walk around the grounds.  They have placed a number of rockets with info so you can get quite close.

Okay, it sounds dumb, but rockets are huge!

The actual gantry that the astronauts used to get to the ship.

you gotta try fitting in

it seems spacious...until you remember that they spent DAYS in here.

Part of the rocket 'garden'.  They are placed throughout the yard like flowers, so why not call it a garden?!

I clearly had too much fun watching everyone shove themselves into spacecraft.

There is a very nice memorial to those who have died in space.  It is the large black monolith reflected in the signage.  

Maybe I should have brought my View Master....

Close up the bottom of the re-entry capsule.  It almost looks like art!

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