Thursday, June 12, 2014

WDW Animal Kingdom, all animals

WDW Animal Kingdom, 2014

So brave-hands in the alligator mouth!

The animals are all over the park and when you first get into the park, everyone is tempted to rush past to get to the rides and stuff in the back.  But we had a lovely time taking it slow in the beginning and checking out all the animals.


Sorry I cut off your nose dude!

The jungle safari is a fantastic ride where everyone gets in an oversized jeep and tours the animals. The animals all seem pretty relaxed-they could run away and hide, but they were almost all visible to us-nice!

That is the lion on top of the smaller rock

Then there are the walks through the jungle trails.  These let you go through at your own pace and again we found it great to take it a little slow and really observe the animals.

Within the trails are special bird enclosures.  They have their own guide book and we spent a lot of our time in these, spotting the birds.

Monkey island is always a favorite.  It is designed to be a temple with scaffolding all over.  It was so hot and humid I was surprised the monkeys came out at all, but there they were, happy to oblige for a few minutes.

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