Sunday, June 15, 2014

WDW Animal Kingdom, not just animals

May 2014, WDW Animal Kingdom

The gorilla enclosure is large and the main herd generally hangs out on one side while the other has the old lone male.  Here he is, just doing his own thing.

This is the Tree of Life, the icon of the Animal Kingdom.  It is worth staring at the trunk for a few minutes to spot the animals worked into the branches.

Meeting Baloo and King Louie-The Jungle Book is one of my all time favorites.


I had never seen a bird show before so this was new.  
This is the stage-all dressed up to look like an old building.  The bird trainers have a funny show that they put on with the help of various birds and the audience.

The birds are smarter than I thought.  They can be directed to fly to specific spots, pick up items and move them about and the parrots speak.

The Bald Eagle is LARGE

The stork is so regal.  I declare the bird show a success since it is a great way to get an excellent view of the birds.

I tried to get us one sit down meal per day today it is the Yak & Yeti.  The food is only slightly exotic, but it is good and it is nice to be inside air conditioning. 

After lunch we hit my favorite ride in the park, and one of the best in WDW as it is in no other park that I know of-Expedition Everest.  The premise is that you are looking for the elusive Yeti.  The line is marvelous, filled with artifacts from the Yeti research institute and expedition photos.  Then the ride-oh man, you speed through Everest, and yes, you encounter the Yeti.  A roller coaster not for the faint of heart!

They have recreated some ruins and prayer flags.  We even met a Thai representative, explaining culture to the visitors-nice touch!

and they do a great job with the foliage

We didn't make it on the train or do anything other than walk through dino land as it started to rain and we hustled back to take a nap.
Next time, more dino land!

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