Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Cup 2014 Manaus,

World Cup 2014, Manaus

World Cup fever hit us!  I wanted to not travel too much from city to city and wanted to have something cool to see (Amazon river, hello!), so I picked Manaus for the lottery and got picked to go to all four games.

We had an amazing time!  Everyone was SO NICE.  They all asked us if we were having a good time and if we were being treated well.  Everyone was super helpful and the Amazon was amazing.

Our first walk to the stadium-fun to feel the excitement building

woo hoo-we made it!

Our very first game was from the front row!

We got a great view of the journalists

and the mascot.  Being in the stadium you don't get to see the replays and often the plays are physically far away.  But all the extras-being with other excited fans, doing the wave, watching the seating drama-more than makes up for it.

The mass of white are some England fans and the yellow/orange are the security, just in case.  I know some folks were worried about safety but at our arena everything seemed well under control.

panorama of the arena

The stadium was close to capacity for all our games.

We had way too much fun watching the referees warm up.  They have this routine that looks a bit like Zumba.

During one game this little moth decided he needed a rest on my shirt.

For the USA vs Portugal game we figured we needed something special.  For less than $20 and an hour of arts and crafts we came up with this Statue of Liberty.  And yet we didn't make it on tv!

When did we make it on tv?  Switzerland vs Honduras, oh well!

Thanks Manaus-we had a ton of fun!

 We just lost to Belgium and are out of the World Cup 2014, guess I save my shirt for 4 years :(

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