Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art exhibits in San Francisco and Vancouver airports

SFO has art exhibits in a walkway to the gates that are often quite fun.

They are often interesting but this one in May 2014 was fantastic-Japanese toys-oh boy!
Why yes, you CAN make a dress out of Hello Kitty dolls.  Did you know she has a twin sister Mimmy?  She is the one with a yellow bow in her hair.  I find it very strange that you almost never see her.

spooky masks


Is the piggy cook going to make bacon to go with those eggs?  And kids should definitely have that bartender doll in the back

Godzilla and Mothra

Godzilla and larval Mothra (so cute!)

Kikada!  If you ever get a chance to watch this show from the 70s, do it!  

October 2014 had an exhibit on Korean ceramics.

I like these that have some regularity to them

These pieces were made by taking traditional ceramics that the artists discarded and remaking them.  Interesting to look at.

The Vancouver airport also has some great art.  
As you get off your flight from the states there is an incredible welcome area.  It is a mini nature space filled with carved animals.

A jade boat filled with the animals/people from the Haida origin story.

This is grandmother/mouse peaking out from under the raven.

The Vancouver skyline done in glass and water.

The raven mask opens up and though the light washes out the mask itself, it highlights the shadow of the raven.

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  1. Kikaida! Yeah! Now the song will be stuck in my head for a while.