Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bike trip down the California coast, Big Sur to Pismo Beach

Sept 2014  Bike trip down the California coast

Day 3 Big Sur to San Simeon
The tent cabins in Big Sur were pretty awesome, just remember your headlamp!

Interesting side note at the campground is that they have an albino redwood

It just looks a bit dusty until you compare with the regular redwoods in the background.

Leaving Big Sur was the hardest start of the trip.  You get on the road and immediately go up up up.  And it was a long day, so we got up early, when it is cold.  But the beauty of the up up up is that is cancels the cold pretty fast!
We did make it to the top of the hill and the view

 and the ride down makes it totally worth it.

Looking back every once in a while gives you a great perspective-hey, I rode that!

and that!

 and that!

 And the view isn't bad either!

We spotted a large pod of dolphins playing in the water.  It was so clear you could actually follow them swimming through the water.  Check out DancinTurtles blog which will likely have a video.

We also spotted whales-this is the most marine life in the wild I've seen in a day.

Do you see the blue whale?

After most of the day, the last 10 miles or so should have been super easy, it was downhill and we even had the wind at our back.  BUT!  As we went over the county line from Monterey to San Luis Obispo county, the road texture changed.  It had been nice asphalt but became gravel held together with tar.  So bumpy!!  It made me soooo cranky.  We stopped at the Peidras Blancas site where all the elephant seals hang out.

Super cool.  And then I hoped in the car and rode for the last like 6 miles....
In retrospect this really was the best day-I would totally do it again, though maybe south to north so you end the day with a nice downhill and hit the bad road while fresh.  Also, it made me appreciate the professional cyclists who ride the cobblestone races-yikes!

After dinner we caught the sunset-pretty darn awesome!

Day 4, San Simeon to Pismo Beach

I was worried that the road was going to continue to be terrible....but either it is a nicer material or I toughened up overnight.  We got a great start by peddling 5 miles to Cambria and having hearty breakfast!
It was a super foggy morning while we were near the ocean.  
Totally fun and relaxing ride in the fog.

The fog continued all the way to Cayucos.
We stopped by the pier to check out the candy shop.  Some of the people on the trip are obsessed with cinnamon gummy bears :)

  But then we turned inland and it quickly became gently rolling dry hills.

It was a fun ride into San Luis Obispo-if we had been hungry we would have stopped for snacks.  But instead continued on to Pismo Beach.  We stayed quite inland, I had no idea it was such a big town.

But went to dinner out at the beach.  Finally after dinner we hit the beach so folks could get their feet in the ocean we had been seeing so much of.  Again just in time to catch the sunset.

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  1. great times! Yes, i really should have the video of the dolphins up on my blog, but it was shot by Cortney. I'll see if I can steal it from her. Darn it, now I'm missing those days of unrestricted cinnamon bear access. Will have to go cycling for seven hours to earn another handful.