Friday, December 12, 2014

Turkey Trot, quince, Buddha's hand and tomatoes

November/December 2014

Last of the tomatoes and first of the citrus!  The Buddha's hand on the left is kind of out of control.  I will turn it into candied citron for the holidays.  The tiny lemons on the right are some of the first off my tree.  I planted it probably 5 years ago and it never did anything.  I figured I would rip it out this fall, so of course there were flowers this summer-no problem!  And the last of the tomatoes-not really fantastic tasting off the vine, but I don't want to waste them.

So I oiled and flavored them up and slow roasted for 6 hours!  This pic is from about halfway

Put them through the food mill and voila-great sauce.

Oh the annual Turkey Trot! 
 We wore our traditional food hats-the hamburger, the hot dog and the lobster.

The Palmer chiropractors have been a staple of this race since the beginning and the inspiration for the costume contest.

See all the vertebrae?

Tots adorbs


that we were there!

And I'm still working on the quince
Clean off the fuzz

Boil for a few hours, let the juice drain for jelly 

Love that it turns from yellow to pink.

and mash the pulp in the food mill
I mixed some with cranberries, spread it thin and baked low and slow

to make fruit leather!

Cut into neat strips, roll in parchment and you get fruit roll-ups!  This has been my best yet, I've made plain quince, added blueberries, cranberries and figs, both with and without added sugar.  This is definitely a new favorite!

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  1. YAY for all of it! Especially the buddha's hand. And the fruit leather. Ok, and the turkey trot and quince and tomatoes :)