Monday, January 26, 2015

Kauai, flora and fauna

Kauai January 2015

I love the weird plants and animals and Kauai has their share.
This little guy was so fast I almost missed him.

These flowers (?) look like little lanterns.

The flower looks like strawberry, the fruit is almost a raspberry, but it is neither and apparently quite sour.

Sugar cane

as fruit on the tree

as roasted beans

and coconuts pretending to be coffee.

coffee bushes in front, interesting evergreen lookalikes in the back

they are stunning in the sunset

Pretty flowers

An illustration of the pandanus on the right.

The pandanus fruit looks a little like a pineapple when it is green.

As it ripens the individual pods fall off,

often a bunch at a time.

The most important animal on the island is the chicken. 
They are all over the place-many got displaced in the hurricane and are now sort of wild.  But still hanging around people.  We named them all Bob.

These guys are all along the Kalalau trail

ah camouflage 

this little guy might be an import...

Nene, the Hawaiian goose, smaller and calmer than the Canadian type. 

See all those white dots?  Red footed Boobies!  Bring your binoculars and you can see them quite well.

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