Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kauai, fun things to do on the North and East sides

Kauai, Jan 2015

I love lighthouses!

This is the Kilauea lighthouse, it's super cute!

You can tour the lighthouse, check out the gift shop, watch wales and bird watch (this is where I saw the red-footed boobies and Nene).  I saw a couple of photographers waiting for perfect shots, so also a good place for photography.

The north is a great place to see the taro fields.

We of course hung out on the beach, this is Wainiha, but they are all fantastic.

The panorama function didn't function...

One of the best things we did was rent bikes
As you are driving the highway, you see this sign, so we had to check it out.  Turns out it is the self service branch of Hele on Kauai Bike Rentals.  Fantastic!  So Easy!  You pick out the bike you like, call them up and they tell you the lock combination and take your credit card number and off you go.  

First we rode north to the end of the path.

We rode south past more gorgeous beaches, like Donkey beach.  

Great views from the path that you just can't get from the road.

There is a section with no bike path and you have to be on the road but we felt it was worth it to continue all the way south to Lydgate park. Extremely family friendly with  a section of the ocean walled off to make a baby pool and an easy snorkel area.  Lot of picnic tables and play areas.  The best is the Kamalani Kai bridge.  
The embedded art was made by local kids

The bridge has many extra twists and turns, would be a great place for a game of tag.  Then we rode back, dropped off the bikes and got snacks at the Green Pig food truck.  I would recommend at least 3 hours to bike the whole things-these are cruisers, not road bikes.  We stopped to read every single informational sign and also had lunch.  If you want to actually sit on the beach, take the whole day!

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