Monday, February 9, 2015

Kauai, Wailua Falls, zipline and best lazy river

Kauai, January 2015
 The biggest change that I noticed is there is now a good road up to Wailua Falls.  I remember being so excited about this falls last time because it is the one in the Fantasy Island opening credits.  I am pretty sure that the road to the top was not awesome and to see the falls we hiked in.  At the time there were hardly any other people and I totally swam in the pool and was directly under the waterfall.  

I have read that you can still get to the trail, but you shouldn't start from the top.  And since the road is good, everyone just drives to the top and I saw no one in the pool below.

It is still all around the best waterfall on the island for me.  

Salt Pond Park though there isn't any info or trails, just look at the salt pond.  There is also a nice beach here, seems to be more local and one of the places lots of folks camp.  

Finally, the best touristy thing we did on the island was to take the tubing adventure, which is a super long lazy river.  Only Kauai Backcountry Adventures has this activity and you won't see it in the coupon books because it is already sold out.  Book this before you go!  We did the tubing in the morning and their zipline in the afternoon.  All of the guides were great-a very professional outfit.

First you practice on an easy route, if you are too panicky you can stop and go back in the jeep.  But when you go off the next line you are pretty much committed.

Not a problem for me-we had an awesome time!  


You cross the river a couple times and the lines are long enough to get in some good shots!

Don't forget to up as well!

At the start is a great view of the mountain in the back, often covered in fog or rain

But not today-we had perfect weather!!

One of those ferns that curl up when you touch it!

An finally, finally!  Let us not forget that it did actually rain.
This is the fountain to the entrance of Princeville.  Pretty much the most out of place thing I've ever seen.  And here it is in the rain.  Bye for now Kauai!!

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