Friday, May 29, 2015

All the bike rides!

2015 bike rides

I've been riding my bike a lot recently.  First it was training for the trip down the California coast, then it was the Strawberry Fields Forever Ride.  Pictures from training rides-many photos thanks to M who remembers to stop and take photos!

One of my biggest issues was hills and not getting up them.  To train DancinTurtle and I went to Rancho San Antonio and went up this gnarly hill.  It took me months but I got to the point where I didn't have to walk up it anymore!

Riding the same route meant I got to see the park at very different times.   Like cloud covered

and completely sunny.

Often the valley has some clouds over it, here are three different versions

Some times they are almost exactly the same

only difference is the clouds.

One ride was to loop around the bay on the Dumbarton Bridge.  Near Coyote creek trail
there is this most mysterious sign.  I tried to figure out which tree they meant...

but never did.

Another great ride is up Stevens Canyon road

at the end.  Going back is all down hill and such fun.

Start of the big bike day

that's the ocean out there

first rest stop where they had coffee, soup, and homemade power bars.  

Had to photograph this for DancinTurtle.  

lunch stop!  A group of folks with there antique cars was also there, so we had to bike all the way to the back for our spot-but at least the mileage counted.

Third rest stop at Gizdich Apple farms had apple pie and ice cream, apple cider and music!

Also where we discovered that even though we had been riding the green route

we could change to the red route and cut out 5 miles and 500ft of elevation-that saved our day!

and we were still happy campers at the end!

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  1. and don't forget all the foodstuffs we ate along the way and after! mmm, strawberries (among many other things)