Friday, May 8, 2015

Visit all the cities (Charlotte and New York)! March 2015

We had some amazing meals in Charlotte, BBQ in burritos, classic BBQ at Mac's Speedway, fun sandwiches at the local deli.  But the best was The Cowfish.

Cute logo!

Sushi on flatbread

Fancy fries

Amazing milkshakes, with or without alcohol :)

umm, we maybe ordered too much food.

but it was delicious!

We also ran around downtown Charlotte.
I really like the statues representing the foundations of the growth of Charlotte, commerce, industry, transportation and the future...why yes, that is a wasps nest in the statue!  

And the Firebird statue outside the art museum!

The most fun we had?  Playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the board game.  I am a total Whedon fan and a board game fan-how did I not know this was a thing!!  Luckily, Biggles owns a copy and we played it 5 or 6 times before leaving.  It is fantastic!  It is co-operative good vs. an evil (one from each of the first four seasons).  It helps to know the show-we felt like we were able to describe the game play like scenes.  In one game Willow died-clearly the season closer.
Good times, good times.

Quick visit to Chapel Hill for some family time.  We went to the super cute Science museum and rode the train, saw the butterfly room, played in the kitchen....
and yet the only picture I took was of my nephew wearing socks on his hands!

 I'm always looking at the art in airports, but even though I saw this from far away I almost didn't go check it out.  Glad I you recognize it?  The top is RDU and the bottom is DFW when it wasn't quite finished.  There were about 20 different airports depicted-so awesome when things get self-referential.

Off to NYC!  We did a ton of stuff in a short time including hitting the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday
My single favorite room in the met-the temple of Dendur.  Atmosphere, people watching, and of course the temple itself.

Okay, this is a reindeer made out of glass balls.  In the Asian section, that little room with the window that overlooks the temple of Dendur.  I am just not sure how I feel about it.

Also in the Asian section-just thought these were the cutest!

One of the special exhibits was on the lute-a single room with some paintings, some lutes and lute music

Very nice way to pull it all together

Unusual exhibit on the Plains Indians-nicely pulled together material from a number of different sources.

The displays of the decorated hides were amazing

And finally a quick trip through the Islamic art section

I love the tapestries so much!

But this also caught my eye.

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