Monday, May 11, 2015

Visit all the cities (New York)! March 2015

NYC March 2015

The King and I at Lincoln Center-this is just as the ufo was overhead :)

The opera house!  I have been going to see them at the movies for a couple years now so had to peak while I was here.  What they were missing was objects in the gift shop related to specific operas-a postcard at least!

The last thing we saw at the Met art museum was Celestina, a multi-media piece.  In the Italian square (which has my favorite Bernini statue)  they presented the work.   It was...complicated.  The music was pre-recorded, but coming from a number of different speakers throughout the room, so surround sound.  Projected onto one wall was a mix of shadow puppet action scenes, abstract moving shapes, and spotlights onto statues (one group was the designated chorus).  It was odd and compelling.  I had no idea what it was going into it, but we had to leave before the end and am a bit sad I will not see the whole...but what we did see is such a strong memory it is ok.

We always eat well in NYC :)
This time we had Indonesian food and bagels for starters, then Ma Peche-never disappoints!
A few years ago they started the dim sum style carts-always a good idea and today was brunch-yeah!

Mimosa trio

pretzel roll

pork bun

broccoli salad

love the slaw

and finish with a biscuit :)

And sometimes you just need your food to come with too much atmosphere!  This is home to the singing waiters-such a great idea, too much fun!

and the quiche was lovely.

but you really can't go wrong with mac n cheese in a bacon bowl.

Sunday afternoon/evening was all Wolf Hall all the time
The show was quite good-love the minimal staging highlighted by fire (in the torches, the fireplaces, the candles).  Somehow they managed to extract the essence from the books-impressive.

There was a dinner break between the shows and we signed up for the 'Classic English feast' provided at the cafe that is rink-side to Rockefeller skating rink. 
Turns out I've never skated here-it always seemed very touristy.  And it is, partly.  We had a ton of fun watching the group who had never skated before wobble their way around the rink.  But even better some good skaters come to see and be seen.  The dude in the Rangers jersey, the woman with nice twirls and light jumps, the kid dressed almost as a ninja quickly weaving in and out, and the guy who looked too cool for school from the eighties-kind of Bruce Springsteen with a cool hat.  But the most amazing was beret guy.  Tall, thin, trench coat, big sunglasses, i-pod in hand and beret.  Smooth and silky skating style would swoop past the restaurant window, pause for 3 seconds with a grand gesture sort of directed to someone sitting inside and then move on.  He did this for the whole meal, chatting up fans outside and even talking briefly to eighties dude.  Clearly a regular.  I had no idea.  

Anyway!  Dinner itself was excellent.

Scotch eggs, shepherds pie, fish and chips, Eaton mess

And a lovely gin based drink-cheers!

And I finished the trip with a swing through Missouri where I had a nostalgia dinner at Steak 'n Shake.

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