Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vancouver for World Cup 2015

June 2015 Vancouver

After going to Brazil for the Men's World Cup in 2014 we wanted more and luckily the Women's World Cup was in Canada.  So close we had to go!  2 weeks in Vancouver gave us the chance to see 3 matches, including the final-woo hoo!

Our first game was Japan vs The Netherlands.  The Dutch were outclassed, they just seemed like they haven't played together much.
The stadium is gorgeous!

and the snacks are good, so no complaints.

That hat was a soccer ball :)

The second match was Canada vs. England 

The turnout was fantastic

Both teams are red and white-heh

 An organized group with the BC flag

The stadium is still gorgeous

The Canadians were sad, but took it in stride.

And then the final-USA vs. Japan!
the stadium was full again-so many US families-really nice!

I revived my outfit from last year
here is a hint

that would be the quick statue of liberty :)

We were near this lovely couple

who were very sad when the USA trounced Japan.
 It was the super crazy game where the USA scored 4 goals in the first 16 minutes-but then Japan got it together and the rest of the match was a ton of fun to watch.  And bonus that we won!

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