Thursday, August 27, 2015

NYC theater trip, Aug 2014, part II

NYC theater trip, August 2014

From the Empire State building

Fifth avenue worships shoes

Another icon we'd never been too, Carnegie Deli.  You wonder why the prices are so high until you see the portions

Pastrami sandwich, for what, 4 people?!?


Hash-totally worth it-that is why there is a line and no one complains about the prices.

After the Aladdin show we got to go onstage/backstage.  Amazing how much they can do in a small space.

One lunch
 was burgers and beer and a visit with our friend Ian.  mmmm, much beer!

Up the Empire State building

Again with the Art Deco, but praising engineering.

Final theater spot we filled at the last minute with Rocky, the musical.  It was both terrible and wonderful, which is why it was closing soon, but had a small cult following of folks who were on their 10th viewing.  It is the movie on stage, with song.  The training montage was fun and the final fight scene was amazing-they brought the ring out into the audience!  This is not a show that will travel easily, but if your local theater ever does produce it, go...if for nothing else to hear "But My Nose Ain't Broke"  

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