Monday, August 10, 2015

Vancouver MOA, just the masks, June 2015

MOA June 2015

Sometimes a particular item will catch my fancy and I focus in.  Often flowers, ceramics, patterns.  This time at MOA it was masks, there were just so many that caught my eye.

This is actually a decapitated head!  It was part of a Chinese Opera company, when the players head gets 'chopped off' they let this roll onto the stage!  There were some gorgeous garments that didn't photograph well....

The next set is from the Portuguese popular culture:heaven and hell exhibit
Love this guy (though I do notice there are many more male than female masks....)

Love the installation-the shadows are even spookier than the masks

Does this remind you of Nixon, or is that just me!

See those top 2 guys, check them out sideways

yeah chickens!

And then I'll repeat these guys because I love them so!

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