Friday, August 7, 2015

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, June 2015

Vancouver MOA, June 2015

The MOA is a gem of a museum.  Small enough that you can see it in one day, enough variety that there is something for everyone.  Many local artifacts that you wouldn't see elsewhere, in the context of the wider world.

The art starts on the outside of the building, recreates a little river, the salmon.

The first hallway is filled with large pieces-I love some contemporary artists take on tradition.  How gorgeous is this door???

A brilliant exhibit of/by the local native tribe about the city that was there before Vancouver...and how a lot of it has just been developed over.  

There are discussions about how an important part of their culture is sitting around the table with your family talking about family remembrances, especially funny tales.  Then you go in the door and there is the table, where you can sit and listen to recordings.

I love ceramic plates!  The museum has done a great job putting as much as possible on display by adding pull out drawers under the display cases.  These are filled with related objects, but you don't know what you will get till you open them!  You could really spend a ton of time here!

South East Asian puppets

Each generation decorates differently :)  Top is a shield, bottom is a snowboard

So, these are instruments, like a giant wind chime.  They let you touch and push!
So what is that in his mouth?

a ship?

Protest art-nice!

One room was devoted to Portuguese popular art, heaven and hell!!  So interesting, unlike anything I've seen before.  The exhibit was multi-media to add that extra interest 

 We were short on time and basically just ran through these room, so not so many notes :)

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