Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hanson Travel-Chesapeake Bay (1970s?)

My grandparents-in-law owned a travel agency back when you need paper tickets and flew in comfort.  They often arranged for, and accompanied, group trips.  During those trip Grampa Jim took photos and later put together slide shows.  I recently got them digitized and have been going through them just because I also love travel.  I'll post my favorite shots, even though I don't have the whole context, especially because the labeling is...not so good.  This set was labeled Norway, but is clearly Chesapeake and Norfolk!

The lock and dam and barge work is totally what I would have been interested in too!

There are quite a few good portraits-on the boat and in the canning factory.

Not sure where they found the sheep!

A visit to the Naval Academy

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