Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BGG 2016

Board Game Geek con, Nov 2016

We went to the best convention ever!  BoardGameGeek holds conventions that are just amazing.  They bring ~4000 games to a convention center to set up a game library, and then people come and play games!  I had so much fun I was losing my voice by the end.  Here are most of the games we played.

Day one you check in-get your badge, get your free games, find your friends.  After games we ate BBQ at Hard Eight-five stars!
Peptide!  Scientifically accurate with a reasonable game mechanic.

We were the first to play this from the library so we got to punch it out.

OMG!  If we had played no other game I still would have been happy because we played Fireball Island.  You are running to get the jewel and bring it back to the boat...but the island spews fireballs-red marbles to thwart your plans.

It's from the 80's, molded plastic.

Fireballs precariously perched

to knock you over!

We had a real back and forth at the end where the jewel changed hands 5 times!

In the end Biggles was victorious-well done!

Day 2
Our first game of the day-from the hot games tables!

Exactly as described, you place animals on the land and move up the track.  A little fiddly but ok mechanics.

One of my favorites from the hot games, it really is a game of civ in 45 minutes.  I really like the level of interaction

A bunch of the civ cards.

7 Wonders Duels, a 2-person version.  Really enjoyed this-the same feel as the full game, but for two.

A super quick kids game.

You add monsters to the platform

but someone falls off when there are too many.  You don't want to be the person who makes it fall off!

We got taught by the developer-a very good complex game that fits exceptionally well with the theme.

Hire stars, place programs, draw in viewers, make money, repeat!

Best trivia game ever!

Everyone guesses the answer to the trivia question (which is just a little opaque) and then everyone bets on the answers!  

One of the top ten during the conference-clever premise, oh Vlaada, we love you so!  It encourages clever word play.

Might be best with a group where everyone knows each other the same amount-we split the spouses and ended up balanced (together we would have totally won!)

Last game of the night...we really didn't give it a proper chance.  It seemed like a good mechanic, but I felt like we just couldn't get the hang of the co-operation mechanic. 

I didn't get to play this, but had to grab a photo for all my quilting friends!  Not the best score on BGG, but I want to play it!

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