Friday, February 26, 2016

Hanson travel Norway, ocean and scuplture

Hanson travel, Norway, ocean and sculpture


Next up is an ocean trip
Maybe on this vessel?

Maybe a second trip?

And then there is this set of sculptures which is in Oslo's Vigeland Park.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Waterfalls and Casa de Fruta, Feb 2016

Uvas Canyon waterfalls and Casa de Fruta, February 2016

Uvas Canyon park is known for a great waterfall hike.  We haven't been during the last years because of the drought, but this year we have had some good rain, so it was time to go!

The stream is lovely to walk along.

Filled with cascades

Most of the area is riparian, filled with ferns and moss,

so when there is an actual sunny hillside they call it out in the nature guide!

Who knew there was a California Nutmeg tree, but it has no nutmeg...

Maybe my favorite of the falls.

Upper Falls is another favorite-come back in the morning for better light!

The season is perfect for the California poppy.

And the hills are green!

After the hike we spent a night at the Casa de Fruta Inn.  If you have never been Casa de Fruta started as a fruit stand and has grown into a rest stop filled with wonders.  You can ride the train and carousel or pan for gems.  They even have an RV park with a pool-this place has everything!

Peacocks and hens are currently the only animals but in the past there were horses and buffalo.

Many picture opportunities.

A substantial collection of antique farm equipment is everywhere on the property.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hanson travel Canada

Hanson travel Canada

This set was not well labeled,
 but I figured out it was Canada.

From the map and the lobster traps I'm guessing Newfoundland?

Certainly an ocean theme in many of the photos.

Perhaps someday I'll recognize the bridge!