Monday, February 1, 2016

Books and Theater, Nov 2015 - Jan 2016, the holiday edition

Books, theater and holidays, Nov 2015-Jan 2016
Turns out this post has fewer books but more pie...hmm holiday time!

First up, Thanksgiving!
We love our Turkey Trot...

almost as much as we love our pie! 

Good times, good times!

-by Mary Roach
Gulp: a fun look into the stomach, before and after and odd ball history.

-by Sophie Littlefield
A Bad Day For Sorry:  for my reading challenge I had to find an author with my initials...found a new crime writer.  The hero is a 50-yr old widower who takes out abusive husbands-feisty and fast, might read more.

Went to Berkeley for The Rover-such fun!  Written in the early 1600s by a woman no less!  Hilarious hijinks when you are first trying to figure out love during a masked festival.

-by John Burnet
The Godfather of Kathmandu:  The next in the series-still liking the settings and the plots

-by Roald Dahl
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator:  A classic!!  I have to read these every once in a while...the puns in the Elevator are so good :)

One of the highlights of the season-joining others to sing!

-by Lauren Owen
The Quick:  a vampire novel...sort of, I mean the main topic is vampires, but the story is about the people.  The back snippet is a little misleading, but the writing is good!

-by Sue Grafton
X:  So close to the end!!  The question is will I try to go back and read them all???

Off to the midwest for my yearly dose of snow

 Enough of that!  Back to Napa for bubbly!
We hadn't been to Domaine Chandon before but we will be back.  Lovely grounds, nice tasting room, great champagne.

-by John Arden
Rewire your Brain:  I've read a bunch of articles on neuroplasticity so I finally shelled out for a full book.  This has quite a bit of the science, and one technique that he applies to a bunch of different areas-well worth my time!

Big fun!  Indiana Jones movie with live orchestra.  Super nice to see it on the giant screen and fun to watch all the percussion.

-by Erik Larson
Dead Wake The Last Crossing of the Lusitania:  This is the way I love to get my history.  Turns out to be a complex story, especially Churchhill...who I know almost nothing about.

-by Anne Mazur and Ellen Potter
Spilling Ink:  A Young Writer's Handbook.  I am not really the right audience, not young and not thinking of being a writer.  But it is always good to read outside your comfort zone and enjoyed this so much that I finished it in a day no problem.  I even feel I learned how I would go about it if I do decide to become a writer, so yeah!

Jigsaw puzzle time!!  Near and dear to a chemists heart.

-by Neil Gaiman
Sandman giant volume 3, started re-reading these last year....always love them!

-by Chris Garner
The Pursuit of Happyness:  Rags to Riches via perseverance and hard work.  My first audio book!

-by Laurie King
Justice Hall:  One in the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series.  I've been reading them out of order...but this was one of the best, even though it is lighter on the mystery.

-by C. Suzanne Bates
Don't Pee On My Sofa: Was gifted this book.

Saw this awesome documentary.  Arrow Development was a roller coaster engineering firm started in the Bay Area.  They figured out steel tubes for rails and developed The Matterhorn, the corkscrew, the flume and generally pushed the limits of roller coasters.  I am grateful they did such amazing work-go engineers!!  Note to self, I love my roller coasters, but not close to the amount that the American Coaster Enthusiasts love them.

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