Thursday, February 11, 2016

Calistoga, January 2016

Calistoga, January 2016

My favorite winter getaway is Calistoga-hot springs, mud baths, good food, wine-perfect!

First stop is our very own Old Faithful.

It is under new management and the upgrades are super cute!

They even have actual useful information-what?!?  

The geyser will not blow you away like Old Faithful, but you can get much closer and sometime even have it to yourself.

It erupts frequently so with even a short visit you can see it a few times.

It is pretty, the setting is relaxing and you can see little rainbows in the mist.

They have added a garden area.

 Informational signs now tell you about the old mineral tub

and the steam well-who knew!

They still show the guard llama, fainting goats and four-horned sheep-cute!

Baby sheep!

Great way to spend an hour or so!

My favorite thing in Calistoga is the mud baths/hot springs

They have an Olympic size, hot-spring fed, swimming pool-ahhhhh.

The surrounding grounds are not flashy but are what normally grows in the area.

This years El Nino has brought back the frogs and the spring that was missing last time I went-yeah!!

This is also when the vineyards are dormant, except for the cover crop of mustard.

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