Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rose Parade 2016, beautiful floats

Rose Parade 2016

So right, it is about the floral covered floats-always impressive to see what folks can make!
So cute!

Nature scenes are big

Loved the detail on this-intricate, but large enough that everyone can see it.

This year Disney entered-they usually do not, probably because they don't want to hog the spotlight as many of the floats are from small towns and organizations.  It was HUGE.
Enter at Arendell from Frozen

cross the bridge to Disney and castles 

then cross the next bridge to Star Wars

to end with the Millennium Falcon


Kind of odd, but everyone loves gummy bears!


Gorgeous-Flowers made of flowers.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rose Parade 2016, everything but the floats

Rose Parade 2016

Rose Bowl Parade 2016

The coolest band from Japan-dance steps in the routine, energetic music and sweet uniforms

The Rose Bowl Parade is awesome to see in person.  You have to get there the night before and camp out or get there early in the morning to find parking, walk to the route, etc.  Or you can rent a spot to park your RV-woo hoo!  We parked at about 5 pm on the 31st, had a nice dinner, Target run for all those last minute things, I slept through midnight, and got up at a reasonable time to walk 1 block to the route.

For some reason we need a fancy car to start the parade.

I love the marching bands-I remember how much work it is to get it looking even halfway decent.  And then it is cold at the start but gets too hot near the end of a parade...big hand to everyone out there!

I found the long skirts unusual for the flag flippers, but I've been out of band for 25 years!

Like the hats!

Must have oldy-timey cars.

Jousting horses

Great routine and sweet outfits.

That's right, there is a football game associated with all this

Oh Stanford Band I love you so!

Impressive-especially if you remember they do this the whole route!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Disneyland 60th Anniversary, December 30, 31 2015


Super cute idea to have special photo shots for the 60th

Love this set!

TT is falling off the mountain

We love this roller coaster so much!!

Not everyone was all about the Haunted Mansion (too scary!) but the photo was just fine.

Hah-we have a nice collection of these-oh the screaming!  This was the one with the Christmas miracle where I didn't get wet :)


Disney needed more magic so there is the town from Frozen...with snow?!?  We also did the much Let It Go!

One of the biggest successes was the California trail area-great to just run around

and climb

and climb

and climb!

Finally proving you are a Wilderness Explorer caw-caw, caw-caw!

And of course Jedi training.