Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hanson travel, Easter Island

Hanson travel, Easter Island

The trip to Easter Island happened during the trip around the world.  There were enough spectacular photos to warrant its own slide show.  Easter Island is definitely high on my list, but it is challenging to get there so we will see when that happens.
So you know where it is :)

Grandpa did a good job of taking photos from the plane-my are always terrible!

Welcoming committee?

I have no context for this photo but the internet tells me that there was a written language found on tablets on the island.  

Someone snuck a photo of Grandpa!

Classic shots-exactly what you think of with Easter Island.

So many different landscapes on one small island.

Crazy blue water!

Statues in the middle of being carved and removed.

The world is amazing.

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