Saturday, February 25, 2017

California Adventure, Dec 2016

California Adventure, Dec 2016

Holiday season at the Disneyland resorts! I convinced Bunny to go with me for a relaxed, one-day outing to California adventure.

California Adventure is changing The Tower of Terror to a Guardians of the Galaxy ride.   
I'm sure it will be awesome but I will miss the Twilight Zone theme, so I had to get in a few more rides on the original before it is gone.  They had already started with the scaffolding and work, but the inside had not changed. 

Brought in an actual singing group-that was new.

Classic cobweby interior.  I always wanted the job of dusting where you ADD dust and cobwebs.

 This trip I got to try something new-hadn't been on the Rollickin' Roadsters yet.

super cute!

The in line theme is delightful.

The ride itself was surprisingly fun-the cars are dancing and you are along for the ride.

Dinner and drinks at the fancy Carthay Circle, all quite excellent.  I may not always want to take the time or spend the cash when I could be on the rides but nice to have the option.

Gingerbread replica of the Californian at the Californian. 

Fun the hidden Mickey?

And here?

I love to stop in Disneyana, the store on Main Street in Disneyland to see the art.  But we were skipping Disneyland proper....luckily there is Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown district.  So glad we stopped-so much great new stuff!  I bought the Shag Star Wars pint glass-they put the print on everything, but a full shirt or pillow was too much for me.  Other art I settled for in postcard format.

Gravity Falls

Iconic Star Wars scenes, but cute!

Star Wars Small World mash up

Shag's take on the Jungle Cruise, possibly  my favorite ride in the entire park.

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