Monday, February 6, 2017

Quilt show Oct 2016, modern quilts

October 2016
Pacific International Quilt Show

I'm a total newbie quilter but I love the art form-so many different styles!  This year I went with a veteran quilting friend just to see the display.  Total eyeball overload, I only took pictures of my favorites and came close to a hundred 

I would call these modern-abstract, non-symmetrical, some odd color combos

optical illusions are fun!

This one has a hidden message-too complicated for me!

 Below are details of the stitching that went into this one-so intricate.

 Up close you can see this is unusual.
 Definitely an art piece.

 Again the stitching detail is fun.

 Love this-unified by a simple color scheme.

 The most stitching details-this won an award.

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