Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quilt show Oct 2016, picture quilts

October 2016
Pacific International Quilt Show

Here are some picture quilts everything from cartoon-y to realistic.

Super cute Modrian mouse!
So cute!

 Stitching details, about the same density of thread, but different styles to give different textures
Amazing textures.

 The stitching detail is very different, using the thread to 'paint' the trees
This technique is like painting with thread-there is a lot of overlap to get the texture.

This one was always mobbed, hard to get a good picture of the whole, basically a Rockwell style winter theme.  Now check out the details, again the thread is used to 'paint' many of the details.

 Great story about Ophelia the ostrich.

 Holy cow!  Such a fun original design.

 Who says quilts should be rectangles?

From photograph to quilt!

 This one cracks me up!

Reminds me of the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp

 Silhouettes of important people in her life.

Love this!!

This design can be purchased so you can make it yourself.  They also sell a small table runner with super cute of course I bought that.  Goal is to have it for Thanksgiving 2017.

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