Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Craft projects; Mars cross stitch

Some of the crafts that I have finished this summer.

This was my most urgent project of the year since there was a deadline.  It is a cross-stitch of the Earth as seen from Mars.  First I had someone design and make me the pattern with one of the programs that turn photos into patterns (Thanks Kate from Etsy!).  I went for the more photo-real version, which meant I was working with a wide variety of colors!
I think I should have put in less matting/framing...since I didn't do it myself it is always hard to guess based on just eyeballing it at the store.  Ah well-I am totally happy with the cross stitch part!

A pair of skinny scarfs made from left over yarn.  I did these mostly while watching opera at the movie theater-bonus!

And Shaun the sheep cross stitch.  I have yet to start the second one in the set, don't know where they will end up!

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  1. Love the Mars project - I never knew cross stitch could be so cool!