Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Valleyfair summer 2013

As often as possible, our family makes an 'annual' trip to Valleyfair, the amusement park in Shakopee MN.  This was a good year for it-we got turnout from all four branches of the family.
We pile in the car-the trunk is full of picnic stuff.  This year they closed the picnic area-potential disaster!  We always eat our lunch and dinner out of the park which saves money, gives a break from the chaos, and is better food.  So this year we tailgated and it was awesome.  We brought along tables and chairs and set up under some trees.  We weren't the only ones, but we did it best!  Though there was that one tree that kept dropping acorns....

We rode the train, not very exciting, half the view is of the highway.  But one of the ride attendants says it is his favorite ride because he gets to talk to people.  The best group rides was when we got 13 of us on the bumper cars at once and ruled the ride!

We love the water park.  It is small but has everything, slides, big raft, lazy river, wave pool and rapids.  The inner tube rapids ride is fast and feels like real rapids.  We got the ridiculous 6 scoop snow cone that they let you put the syrup on yourself.

The Wild Thing is my current favorite coaster.  It is HUGE.  And fast and smooth.  We had to go on a couple times to ride both the first and last cars :)

And they end the evening with fireworks.  The High Roller is in the background.  It is an old wooden coaster that is a bit bumpy but you get such good lift on the back side hills it is totally worth it.

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