Friday, September 6, 2013

Walker Art Center mini golf

August 2013

I had heard that the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had a neat exhibit-mini golf designed by artists.  Well, we had to try that!  We were able to go as a family and it was good fun though the playability of some of the holes was questionable.

Here are some highlights.
Move Your Hole!  There are a bunch of holes you can putt into, all but one are covered.  Instead of putting, you can take your turn to change which hole is open, making it easier for you or harder for others.

Earth Avenues.  Your ball runs through an ant farm-looks super cool, but it was hard to putt up to the top and we had a ball get stuck in the tunnel.

Tilt-A-Putt.  The most fun with the least golf.  Once you putt onto the maze, you use handles to tilt the maze.  The closer to the center you get the ball, the fewer strokes you get-cousin got a Hole in One!

Mega Golf.  A miniature model of the Walker Art Center has been placed inside a giant golf ball.

18 Holes in One.  They overlaid all 18 holes of the Augusta courses onto one tree like shape.  Very playable and a fun idea.

Garden Gnome Foosball lets everyone help or hinder the ball along to the hole.  This might have been the best hole.

Be a Sculpture!  Those not currently putting get to stand on the course as obstacles.

We also spent time in the sculpture garden.  Since we are on a Richard Turrell kick we went to the Sky Pecher installation, a serene cave with a nice 'sky light'.

 In the conservatory Frank Gehry's Standing Glass Fish which I think would lose something if not in a glass building.

And of course the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry which everyone loves so is good people watching.

And I really liked this installation which is native plants set up like a garden.

A great visit all around-maybe in the winter we will make it inside...

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