Thursday, November 8, 2018

BGG 2017

BGG 2017

Here are most of the games that we played during the 4 day convention.  So. Many. Games.
Breakout star of the convention!  The alpaca game is so cute!!  The theme is on top of a 'bag-builder' game that can be won through a couple different strategies.  

This is now a tradition for us.  Great 2-player, easy to learn, hard to master.

Still haven't figured out how to win :)

The latest Friedman Friese game is actually a set of 4 different games.  

The entire game is laid out on the cards so there is no real rule book. 

Super neat idea, not sure about the execution, some play better than others.

We love the other CV games so had to give this a try.

Not bad-I still like the others more.

Both King and Queen domino were hard to get when they were super hot, so trying them a bit late.

Kinda cool, want to try King instead.

Easy to teach because we own it-entertaining and relatively short.

Often too short, just as you get an engine going it is over.

Oh Fireball Island!!  I love you so.

We got a good group game running next to the front door so attracted a bunch of on-lookers.  There is now a reboot that I hear turns this into more of a real game.  I just love this one for the lava flow.

Super interesting-but played it too late at night to give it a fair shot, maybe try again next year.

We have a large group and this plays up to 8. 

Oh man, so stressful as you try to follow the other teams submarine.


We played the in space version.

New to us-co-op where you really can't plan ahead.

Liked it so much we purchased it.

Pretty!  But not as satisfying as Patchwork.

Ah ha!  The party game, but now for 2.

Purchased it!

Running a kickstarter.

Super cute components and very flexible in that you can easily play with kids, but you can also go very strategic.

Another previous years hot game that we are just now getting around to.

Intrigued by the puzzle/tetris aspect.  Somehow not as amazing as I was lead to believe, but maybe it could be, worth trying again next year.

Yes, I picked it up to try purely for the science theme.

Good co-op/competitive play, more interesting than it had any right to be for just picking it randomly.

Another game for the large group.

Again a bit stressful for being real time and played as a team...but where you can't communicate-yikes!

Oh this one is pretty!

And the theme is excellent, you grow trees from seeds to tall trees.

The sun moves around the board and provides all important light.  If you are a small tree behind a big tree you do not get the light!

And to win you need to actually cut down the trees.  Cool, will play again next year.

Another tradition!

Build your dungeon, stock it with monsters, drive out those pesky fighters.

So tired.....

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween pumpkins 2015, 2017


We have a tradition where we carve tribute pumpkins for Halloween.  During the year we keep track of who passed away and carve away using fancy stencils.  We display them all in front of the house (along with whatever else we just happen to carve).


These were all our non-tribute pumpkins.

How they look without candles in them

Francis Xavier "X" Atencio, a Disney Imagineer who worked on the Haunted Mansion.  Rainbow Dash is just for fun.

Batman for Adam West

Princess Leia for Carrie Fischer

Leonard Nimoy

The Log for Margaret Lanterman  (The Log Lady)