Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art exhibits in San Francisco and Vancouver airports

SFO has art exhibits in a walkway to the gates that are often quite fun.

They are often interesting but this one in May 2014 was fantastic-Japanese toys-oh boy!
Why yes, you CAN make a dress out of Hello Kitty dolls.  Did you know she has a twin sister Mimmy?  She is the one with a yellow bow in her hair.  I find it very strange that you almost never see her.

spooky masks


Is the piggy cook going to make bacon to go with those eggs?  And kids should definitely have that bartender doll in the back

Godzilla and Mothra

Godzilla and larval Mothra (so cute!)

Kikada!  If you ever get a chance to watch this show from the 70s, do it!  

October 2014 had an exhibit on Korean ceramics.

I like these that have some regularity to them

These pieces were made by taking traditional ceramics that the artists discarded and remaking them.  Interesting to look at.

The Vancouver airport also has some great art.  
As you get off your flight from the states there is an incredible welcome area.  It is a mini nature space filled with carved animals.

A jade boat filled with the animals/people from the Haida origin story.

This is grandmother/mouse peaking out from under the raven.

The Vancouver skyline done in glass and water.

The raven mask opens up and though the light washes out the mask itself, it highlights the shadow of the raven.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Previous Halloween pumpkins

To get in the spirit we pulled up some of our first Halloween pumpkin carvings

This was the first year we got started-got some of the kits and tried the easiest ones

Next year we tried again starting with the easier stencils again.

 But also moved onto the harder ones

And finally moved on to our own designs!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Flora and Fauna of Florida and Brazil

Florida, June 2014

There just wasn't enough space in the other post for all the pictures of plants and animals so I have one final post of all the extras!  Everything in Florida was from the Coral Castle
.The fancy palm is eye-catching

We have these trumpet trees in California and the first time I saw one I thought it must be fake-nope! of the reasons we had to go to the Coral Castle was the Yelp reviews.  There was one that was very upset he hadn't been warned about all the lizards.  Basically it ruined the whole experience...had to check that out!  Are there lizards?  Yes!  Every few minutes one would run across your path-we found them delightful.
See them scaling the sides of the rock?

look closer

they are so cute!

very colorful-when they have a whole tail you can see the rainbow effect.

Pineapples grow like artichokes, at the top of a stem.


Beautiful flowers, too bad they surround the 'punishment' room.  There is space for the kids and the potential wife.  Gosh, I wonder why she decided to not marry him?

Oh the bugs in Brazil!
This little guy sat on my shirt at the beginning of a match and I didn't have the heart to make him move until half time.  If you saw any of the matches there were a couple times when a large moth or a bird made it onto the field-yup, there is a lot of wildlife!

There are a lot of spiders in the Amazon and they caused some...issues...when they joined our boats.  Here is an amazing green one

Plus there are beetles

I was actually pleasantly surprised there were not more mosquitoes.  We brought 4 different versions of insect repellent and brought most of it home.  But there was one day when we clearly found a treasure trove.  Here are 10 bites all in the same day-yikes!!

Thanks for everything World Cup!