Thursday, May 16, 2019

Spring day in San Francisco March 2019

Spring day in San Francisco March 2019

One good looking city!

Needed a fun day in the city with Green-Eyed Girl and WonderD

Perfect lovely weather to visit the Palace of Fine Arts

It was built to celebrate the International Pan-Pacific Exposition in 1915 and still draws a large crowd.

The architecture is still impressive.

Inside they have some info and pictures.

Like the Heinz 57 tower!?!

Celebration of the Ukulele

We had lunch in the Presidio

Fresh asparagus - wow - could not be more like spring.

  Great view of the Marin Headlands and the bridge.

A quick walk takes you to the bayfront for great views of the city skyline.  We could not have had a better day.  The weather was amazing, people were pleasant, even the traffic was not a problem.

Sailing class

Walking out on the jetty takes you to the Wave Organ.  I have been meaning to visit for years but didn't quite know where it is.  Finally took the time to visit.

Those are listening tubes.  The other end in placed in the water so you hear the waves.  So neat!  A bit weird for sure, I don't think there is anything similar in the rest of the world.

Up close you can see the choppy water of the bay.

But when you go up into the Headlands it looks so smooth!  It has been a couple years at least since I've been to this section.  Totally fantastic drive up to this view.  I will put it on the visitor list.

Final stop at Ocean Beach and the Cliff House, which will get its own post.  Great day!  Great company!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cliff House, Spring 2019

Cliff House, Spring 2019

From the look out you can see the remains of the Sutro Baths.  Back in the day it was for oceanside swimming.  

The Cliff House is an amazing historical structure/ocean viewing spot/restaurant/bar on the far west edge of San Francisco.  They were closed for renovations for quite a few years but I recently got to give them a try.  It was so good I went back a week later :)

The inside design is different, very spacious.  Smart rework of the space.

On my first visit, our little group needed a quick pick me up after visiting the Palace of Fine arts and before heading home.  The Cliff House was in the right place and the bar area had something for everyone.

Fancy coffees, delicious desserts, wine,

more dessert and even a cup of clam chowder.  All with a view!

The rest of these pics are thanks to The Photographer in my life - much love!!

My second trip was to celebrate and we got dinner reservations at the fancy downstairs restaurant, Sutro's.

Fresh, hot bread

Truffled ravioli

Lamb chops.  All were perfect.

All with this great view.  
We may have gone overboard on dessert.

Nah, not overboard.  Just right!

Loved it all, would do again!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Ridge Winery and spring flowers, spring 2019

Ridge Winery March 2019

Wine tasting is almost a sport in Silicon Valley.  I am in over my head but luckily Green-Eyed Girl knows what's what and takes me out to nice places like Ridge.  All photo credits to her as well.

Old vines

Yes, Ridge Winery is on the ridge of a hill.  

Old olive trees

Old vines and trees together

They have a fantastic picnic spot.

The wine tasting was excellent - nice cheese pairings.  The company was fun.  There was a Frenchman wearing the classic blue and white striped shirt, a couple from wine country up north, and a whole gaggle from Stanford looking very young and uncertain but interested.

Indeed we took home some of the wine :)

These are spring flowers from our day in the Presidio.  Too pretty to leave off the blog.
Cherry tree in blossom

Perfectly framed shot!