Monday, April 14, 2014

Butterfly garden in the Changi airport

November 2011

Most airports are a simply a place to survive.  If they are efficient and clean you are lucky.  But the Changi airport in Singapore has an oasis of beauty, a butterfly garden.  

That is the cut pineapple for the butterflies to eat.

They have a beautiful display on the life-cycle of the butterfly, including examples at every stage.

Not just butterflies but tropical plants

The pitcher plant draws flies inside it where they drown and then the plant eats them!

and an indoor waterfall to keep up the humidity

Bonus koi pond nearby :)

Definitely worth your time if you are ever in the airport.  
Big Thanks to Mindy V for all the photos.

Friday, April 11, 2014

April garden-Disneyland rose

April 2014, all the garden, finished scarf, a book and a play

First, the latest cute cat photo.  They like to nap together sometimes, but they have to clean each other first which sometimes leads to play fighting, which means no nap.  Here they managed to both fall asleep at the same time-too cute!

First a time lapse of my favorite-the Disneyland rose.  It opens with an orangey-peach color that changes to pink.  And it smells fantastic!  I've been taking pictures every few days as I go out to smush aphids.

Oh the apple tree is blooming

And the snapdragons (which are on their 2nd or 3rd bloom)

the blueberry bush (doh-time to weed the clover)

And the cherry tree!  We don't often get enough cold to get the actual cherries, but the blossoms are always lovely.

And then a couple other fun things
Finished this very fun book that is on the Silicon Valley Reads list this year.  I can totally see why.  It is a fun bit of a mystery romp with plenty of geekiness.  

Finished a scarf (while watching the Met's production of La Boheme-poor Mimi, you can have my scarf!).  Still loving the seed stitch, maybe I will graduate to a small blanket soon.

E- and I saw Salvage, the third in the Tom Stoppard trilogy about the Russian revolution, though really about some of the people who went through it.  Not much of the bloody end, more of those who were exiled, some of the instigators.  I wouldn't think that the Russian revolution could hold my attention, but Stoppard is brilliant.  I think it will be a life goal to see as many (all?) of his plays.   The Shotgun Players up in Berkeley did such a good job.  We saw Shipwreck and Voyage over the past couple years, but they managed to stage them all at once so you could see them in a marathon session.  I have to imagine this is tough on the actors, most of whom are in all three plays!

And one last garden photo-my asparagus that has gone to seed :)
When I first got the garden I tried a bunch of stuff-including asparagus.  Turns out I don't have enough sun, but the asparagus is a weird root that you don't replant.  So I've been getting a very small amount of asparagus each year.  I almost never manage to eat it, but it is really pretty when it goes to seed, so I've somehow just left it there...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yellowstone to the Tetons, heading home, Epic Yellowstone 2013

Epic Yellowstone 2013

Definitely the big wildlife find of the day, and maybe the trip!  We learned that moose eat this particular willow plant that burned in the Yellowstone fire, so you rarely see moose there-they all moved to the Tetons.

Time to head home.  So sad!  the tent and tarp were there...

Reminders that there was a huge fire in Yellowstone 25 years ago.
some hills are a little bare

some stands of trees are dead but not yet fallen over

and some areas have grown back.  You can tell because all the trees are the same height, making it look more like a commercial forest.  We didn't stop to see anything specific on the way out, because we were on our way to the Tetons!

Of course the Tetons are amazing

and then put those mountains in front of lakes-holy cow that is nice.  We didn't stop for any hikes but we did eat lunch in front of this amazing view.  And of course in the parking lot we saw the ladies who have built a business by attaching rhinestones and flashy bits to motorcycle helmets.  They were selling it pretty well to the folks who stopped and asked :)

Just a little ways down the road there was a crowd of parked cars, everyone down near the stream

because of MOOSE!  Not just one, but a family
mama and calf

Eventually they moved across the river to the meadow on the other side.  The rest of the trip home was mostly uneventful.  Except for the Flying J just outside of Salt Lake City (right near the refineries, which is why it smells) where the gang of five raccoons hang out in the parking lot.

Take a moment to remember the fun food of the trip
Campfire breakfast is pretty much the best thing ever.  Pizza and ice cream in West Yellowstone.  Ice cream near Old Faithful.  Huckleberry ice cream in the freezer.  Did I mention the ice cream?

And finally, a tribute to our great travelling companion, only slightly damaged.  Always pack a roll of duct tape!  Remember how easy it was to back you into the parking space?  Remember when we were at the water/dump station and that RV ahead took off with a compartment door open and E- had to run after them with his blue hair and his gloved hands waving madly....ah good times, good times....