Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monterey Bay Aquarium-things in the water

April 2014

A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
No one can resist being mesmerized by the sardine school-they go around and around and around.

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium because they just came out with a new exhibit, Tentacles, showcasing octopi, squid, and cuttlefish.  Here comes the cuttlefish!

The octopi generally hang out in a cave, but this guy was out moving around that we got great views of all sides as he passed back and forth a couple times

Spiny lobster

Sand dollars


The Kelp forest
must be something interesting right there

this guy sat in the perfect lighting

not so much this guy

go up to the top and you can see the mechanism that pulses the water to simulate waves

then watch the kelp sway in the 'breeze'

Eels also usually hang out in caves, maybe dinner time?

watch the school move out of the way of the predators

The Deep Ocean


We came back to our favorite spots during the last 30 minutes and no one was around-brilliant.

oh the sunfish-you are just not pretty, but I love you!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Yoga: the art of transformation exhibit at SF Asian Art museum

April 2014

I love my yoga classes!  Not much occasion to blog about it until we went to the Asian Art museum to see their exhibit, Yoga: The Art of Transformation.  I went with Kahn and my yoga teacher.

No photography in the yoga exhibit, but I bought the postcard set and here are some favorites.  These are part of a set of paintings that are showing how yoga is passed from teacher to student, who in turn become teachers and so on and so and so on.  

Historically yogis were almost mythical creatures-they could fly and were associated with the gods because yoga is teaching you about your non-earthly body.  The goddess on the right has her fingers in her mouth to do a wolf whistle because she was known for making a loud noise-fun!

Turns out the poses that we are most used to these days are a fairly recent addition.  Although we can't know for sure because most of the tradition was orally passed on, what we have shows early yogis interested in asceticism.   Europeans arrived and the practice (in the Western world) shifted to show an interest in the anatomy and physiology of yoga.  A nicely curated show that at least touches on the whole history of yoga.

We went through most of the museum-my favorite section on netsuke
octopus and fish

monkey and fish in the foreground cracked me up

It was impolite to leave anything on your plate at a dinner party, so you carried your own 'doggie bag' with you.  On the sly you would deposit your bones and shells etc.  This one is maybe best for a seafood boil!

The Japanese section has some modern pieces-I found this one pretty.

Don't think I have seen this before!

A nice visual explanation of how statues that are of the same thing can look so different

A sea serpent centaur

Love the interesting dishes!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Butterfly garden in the Changi airport

November 2011

Most airports are a simply a place to survive.  If they are efficient and clean you are lucky.  But the Changi airport in Singapore has an oasis of beauty, a butterfly garden.  

That is the cut pineapple for the butterflies to eat.

They have a beautiful display on the life-cycle of the butterfly, including examples at every stage.

Not just butterflies but tropical plants

The pitcher plant draws flies inside it where they drown and then the plant eats them!

and an indoor waterfall to keep up the humidity

Bonus koi pond nearby :)

Definitely worth your time if you are ever in the airport.  
Big Thanks to Mindy V for all the photos.